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Osea Footcream Protect


Foot cream “Protect´´:
Foot Cream Protect is the most effective for delicate and irritated skin.


All the foot creams in the Osea range are ideal for everyday use.

Foot cream “Protect´´:

  • Protect is the most effective foot cream for delicate and irritated skin. It helps to prevent reddening of the skin and the appearance of rough patches.
  • Prevents the formation of calluses on the feet. Protect foot cream can be used on the hands and knees.


  • Allantoin : Stimulates cell regeneration.
  • Citrus extract : Nourishes the skin with vitamin C and leaves a pleasant scent.

Recommendation for use : Apply to the surface of the skin and rub in thoroughly. Massage the feet until the cream is fully absorbed.

Manufacturer: Vereecke Cosmetics, Belgia

Official Importer: Lyfjaberg OÜ, Tartumaa, Ülenurme.

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