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APIS Foot Softening Spray, 300 ml


A spray for softening skin bumps on the feet.
Shortens the time of foot care procedures for difficult to remove thickening. The spray contains 30% urea, which facilitates the gradual removal of dead skin cells and heavy thickening. The addition of 10% lactic acid speeds up the exfoliation and skin renewal process. Intensively smoothes and prevents excessive thickening of the skin. Spreads are enriched with spruce extract, which has an antiseptic effect. The peppermint fragrance leaves a pleasant, refreshing and soothing sensation.

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**Capacity: 300ml


Indications: for excessively thickened and calloused feet. Suitable for diabetics.

Contra-indications: microtraumas, unhealed wounds, allergy to the ingredients of the product.


Use: clean and dry the selected area. Apply at a distance of about 5-10 cm. Allow 3-5 minutes for the spray to dry, then start removing the thickened skin. Spreads may be used several times during the procedure. The preparation does not require rinsing or prior soaking of the feet.

Active ingredients

Uurea- deeply moisturises and prevents excessive moisture loss, excellent softening of thickened skin.

Lactic acid – acts to moisturise the skin, maintaining the skin’s proper moisture level, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Spruce extract – has a toning effect, gives the skin a feeling of comfort, has anti-inflammatory properties.

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