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Lyfjaberg is committed to bringing high quality skincare and nail care products to the country, with a focus on products for the feet, body and nails that prioritise environmental sustainability. Our mission is to empower you to care for your skin in a way that is both effective and environmentally sustainable.

Health is hidden in the awarenss

We believe that we need to raise our customers’ awareness of the importance of caring for their skin and the impact of skincare products on the environment. We strive to provide resources and information to empower people to make informed decisions about their skincare

Natural ingredients and skin care products

Our aim is to bring you products made from pure natural ingredients or inspired by a specific natural ingredient (such as Andirooban nut or various beeswaxes).

Our biggest partner is Fusskundig, which uses 80% natural ingredients, including the luxurious Andirooba nut.

Caring for your feet, body and nails must be a pleasure and must also provide aromatic pleasure. To make your feet and body smell good, we make sure that our products are as close to nature as possible, with natural fragrances.

You can find our product range here–> E-SOTRE

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